7 Custom Home Building Trends for 2017

Are you building a new home in 2017? Whitmire Custom Homes has the latest trends that you will definitely want to have in your luxury home!
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Build a Home Your Children Want to Come Home to This Christmas

If you have children older than high school age, it’s likely they travel back home for the holidays. Create a home designed for your family to gather so that you can pretend they were never even gone in the first place.
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The Complete Fall 2016 Home Preparation Checklist

As we transition into cooler months, there are a number of things you will want to do to prepare your home for Fall. This checklist is your comprehensive guide for Fall 2016!
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Top Things To Do in Gainesville, Georgia 2016

Gainesville, Georgia is a thriving community bustling with activity and opportunity. Get our inside scoop on some of the best ways to pass the time in Gainesville!
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Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen in 2016

Take your kitchen outside this summer! Get a setup as complete as any indoor kitchen.
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