Luxury Home Paint Trends for 2012

In a world of infinite choices, we yearn for a home that is charming and luxurious yet unique to our own personal style. One of the best ways to achieve the look and feel that you want is through paint colors. With paint, you can create a masterpiece that is unlike any other. You can give each room a different mood and transform the ordinary into sublime. The following are some of the most popular luxury home paint trends for 2012:

  • Inviting and happy colors: Burnt orange, sunny yellow, violet and rosy red are all the rave right now. These colors celebrate the beauty and simplicity of everyday life and reflect our desire to live a relaxed and informal lifestyle.
  • Timeless beauty colors: Forest green, warm beige, white clay and urban greys are all part of this color theme. It is perfect for those who wish to live in a home that reminds them of the natural world around them. This color trend demonstrates the growing appreciation for the earth and all its wonder.
  • Splash of fun: Lime green, lemon, cotton candy and ocean blue are all fun and imaginative colors that bring a refreshing glow to any room. You can’t help but smile when you walk into a room with these colors as they bring back a sense of poetry and pleasure into our lives.
  • Color zoning: Flamenco red, Apple green, bold orange and other daring colors are being used more and more to make a statement. Color zoning is affordable, modern and a fun way to add a splash of color to give a room instant personality.

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