Bathroom Design

Luxury Ceiling Designs for Your Home

A dramatic ceiling is just one of many ways to add that "wow" factor to your home. Michelangelo was definitely onto something when he decided to draw the eye upward towards the ceiling with his beautiful masterpieces. It really adds something special and can blend flawlessly with any design.
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Shower Head 101

There's nothing like taking an invigorating hot shower with the best technology has to offer. And nowadays, modern shower heads are appearing in bathroom showers everywhere. With more style, design and colors homeowners are looking for the latest and greatest. Let's explore the different types of shower heads that are available on the market today.
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New Bathroom Technology

Bathrooms have come a long way from the traditional claw foot tub where you filled the water up with buckets. Nobody would have ever imagined how much modern technology would change the bathing experience.
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What Paint Colors Mean

As a homeowner, we want our home to be an expression of ourselves—a place that represents who we are. One way of creating a completely unique living space is through paint. Studies have shown that wall colors can have an effects on one’s outlook. The following are some common paint colors and what they represent.
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Top 5 Must-Have Luxury Bathroom Items

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. It is the place where you get ready for the day and can be a sanctuary for washing away the days stresses when you get home. The following are some luxury bathroom ideas that will transform your regular bathroom into a luxury masterpiece...
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