New Bathroom Technology

Bathrooms have come a long way from the traditional claw foot tub where you filled the water up with buckets. Nobody would have ever imagined how much modern technology would change the bathing experience.

  • Touch-Activated Faucet:  A touch faucet is easy to turn on with a wrist or forearm and because your hands are free, it cuts down on messes.
  • New and Improved Showerheads: There are various showerheads available these days. A popular choice nowadays is the two-in-one showerhead, which gives three choices: wall shower, hand-held, and combination wall shower and hand-held.
  • In-Floor Heating: This is an especially luxurious addition to the bathroom. You can put heating pipes under ceramic tile, stone, wood or even carpet. Enjoy!
  • Install a Countdown Fan: Automation in its finest. Set the dial for time you want the fan to run; it turns off automatically.
  • Motion-activated lighting: Nobody likes to fumble for the switch in the dark or waste energy when someone forgets to turn off lights.  Motion-activated lights turn on when you step into the room and turn off when you leave.