Floor Plans

Choosing a floor plan for your new home is an important step. Whitmire Homes has over 400 floor plans for you to choose from, but that’s just the beginning. Our architectural services manager can customize every floor plan to meet your needs, or you can bring us your own design.

Floor Plan Recommendations

When choosing a floor plan, we recommend using the following process:

  1. Choose a floor plan that has a general layout that will fit your needs and is within a few hundred square feet of your ideal size. We can always scale the floor plan up or down, or slightly change the layout.
  2. Choose your ideal floor plan without worrying about the exterior view. We can design any style exterior for your chosen floor plan.
  3. Remember that anything is possible. We can combine characteristics from different floor plans, add or subtract rooms, or combine rooms to create your perfect floor plan. Find a floor plan to start from and from there the possibilities are endless.
Getting Started

If you are ready to get started on a new home then call us first and view our complete book of plans. If you already have a plan and are ready to begin your building process then we are ready to sit down and give you a solid turnkey price that leaves no questions unanswered. Contact Us