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Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen in 2016

Take your kitchen outside this summer! Get a setup as complete as any indoor kitchen.
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Georgia Patio & Porch Ideas for Spring 2016

Georgia's spring weather is finally kicking in! Now is the time to get inspired and decorate your outdoor space with furniture, lighting and d├ęcor. Here are some ideas to help you get started.
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Georgia Lawn Care Tips for Early Spring

As Georgia transitions from winter to spring, there are some important lawn care items we need to take care of if we want a beautiful, healthy lawn this season!
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Luxury in Your Own Backyard

Ask five of your friends to describe their ideal backyard and you will get five completely different responses. This is not only because of stylistic differences. The purpose of an outdoor space varies from one individual to the next.
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Design the Perfect Walkway to the Water

For a fabulous and functional addition, consider creating a pathway from your patio to the edge of the water. Following these tips and tricks will help you create a well-designed walkway.
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