Design the Perfect Walkway to the Water

From Memorial Day barbecues to Fourth of July fireworks, your lakefront property is in high demand during the summer months. There’s no shame in preparing for your backyard’s busy season by diving into a new outdoor project.
For a fabulous and functional addition, consider creating a pathway from your patio to the water’s edge. Not only will it look great, your house guests will appreciate having an alternative to the obstacle course of scattered sticks. Follow these tips and tricks to create a well-designed walkway.lakeside stone pathway design
  •  One of the most important steps in designing the perfect path is deciding where to put it. Take a second to observe the natural flow of foot traffic in your backyard. This will provide you with some insight on how to connect outdoor spaces between the deck and the dock.

  • Adding a small statue or water fountain is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your walkway. Make sure you take a look at how these special features would impact the layout before choosing to include them.

  • Don’t be afraid of curves. Can you recall looking at a park map that showed a series of straight lines leading to various destinations? We can’t either. You may decide you want a path that winds, splits off into two or loops around a swing set.

  • Gravel, brick, concrete and flagstone are the most commonly used materials for walkways. All of these options vary in price and application. It’s important to consider your time table and overall budget before making a selection.
  • Depending on the surrounding area, you might want to incorporate lamp posts or lanterns into your pathway designs. Find a lighting fixture that both serves a purpose and suits your style.

  • When installing your pathway, make sure the design reflects the mood and atmosphere you hope to create in your outdoor space. Regardless of your decorative preference, our team at Whitmire Custom Homes can help you turn your dream of owning a lake home into a reality. Contact us today for more information on building your next custom home in North Georgia.