Georgia Lawn Care Tips for Early Spring

lawn care

As winter subsides and Georgia’s beautiful spring weather takes hold, you’ll want to take some measures to help your lawn recover. You may find patches of dead grass, crabgrass and other weeds that developed over the winter. The end of winter/beginning of spring is the perfect time to get in there and help restore your lawn’s life.

Note that the next generation of weeds will germinate around March 1st, which is when the soil temperature reaches 55 – 60 degrees. To keep your yard healthy and weed-free, you’ll want to start referring to this checklist in the weeks around March 1st.

Remove leaves and debris from your lawn to allow the grass to breathe

Rake up matted areas of grass

Use pre-emergent weed control in early spring – preferably around March 1st in Georgia, before seeds begin germinating

Re-seed and water damaged turf if you don’t plan to apply pre-emergent weed control (the weed control will kill any non-germinated seeds, including new turf you may have seeded)

You may want to have your lawn aerated around or before March 1st

Apply a light amount of fertilizer in early spring, then apply heavier amounts in the later spring months

Let your grass grow to three inches before cutting in early spring

Check your mower’s oil and press the priming bulb three times before starting

If your mower won’t start, you may need to empty out the gas and clean the carburetor

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