Luxury in Your Own Backyard

When designing a custom home, the power is yours. Choosing between quartz and granite for the kitchen countertops is a matter of preference. Whereas, deciding what to do in your backyard can be fairly complicated. It  important to consider how you want your luxury outdoor space to look and how you want it to function.
If reading on a bench is the extent of your outdoor activities, it wouldn’t make sense to build a lap pool. Alternatively, if you have young children in the family, you may want to swap out the garden statue for an epic, water slide.
 luxury outdoor fireplaces

An Epicenter of Entertainment
If you enjoy having guests over for holidays, birthdays and game days, entertainment should be the main focus of your backyard area. When it comes to optimizing for entertainment, think about creating areas where people can gather. Consider putting a conversation pit and bonfire on one section of the yard, while installing a bar on the other. This type of design creates a natural flow of activity and allows guests to mingle freely.
A Safe Play Area
The benefits of outdoor activity are limitless, especially for young children. When designing a kid-friendly backyard, take the same safety precautions you do every day as a parent. If your sights are set on a swimming pool, make sure you follow the recommended steps to avoid injuries and accidents. While your kids might be good swimmers, they may have classmates that are less comfortable in the water. Installing a child-proof gate is a great way to safeguard your pool area.
A Quiet Corner
After a busy day at work, a cat nap outdoors can be just what the doctor ordered. For many people, the backyard is a peaceful place to relax. If a soothing oasis is what you’re after, a sitting area with a fireplace might be perfect for snoozing under the stars. Cypress trees and columnar Evergreens are great for privacy and are relatively low-maintenance.
Regardless of the atmosphere you’re looking for in your luxury outdoor space, the experienced builders at Whitmire Custom Homes can help you turn your dreams into reality. From interior to exterior and everything in between, our experienced team is committed to meeting the needs of each individual client we work with.

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