Bedroom Design

Ceiling Accents to Make a Room Complete

Aside from the ceiling shape, a room isn't fully complete without ceiling accents. As you envision your dream home, try to think about incorporating one of the following accents into the ceiling design.
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Luxury Ceiling Designs for Your Home

A dramatic ceiling is just one of many ways to add that "wow" factor to your home. Michelangelo was definitely onto something when he decided to draw the eye upward towards the ceiling with his beautiful masterpieces. It really adds something special and can blend flawlessly with any design.
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What Paint Colors Mean

As a homeowner, we want our home to be an expression of ourselves—a place that represents who we are. One way of creating a completely unique living space is through paint. Studies have shown that wall colors can have an effects on one’s outlook. The following are some common paint colors and what they represent.
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Master Bedroom Inspiration

The master bedroom is an extremely important part of a custom home design. Think of your bedroom as your own personal oasis, a place that is far away from the flow of traffic. It is the home inside your home and the first and last thing you see throughout the day. How your master bedroom looks and feels plays a huge role in how you feel. The following are some trendy master bedroom inspirations that many homeowners are starting to incorporate into their building plans.
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