What Paint Colors Mean

As a homeowner, we want our home to be an expression of ourselves—a place that represents who we are. One way of creating a completely unique living space is through paint. Studies have shown that wall colors can have an effects on one’s outlook.  The following are some common paint colors and what they represent.

  • Red- The color red is known to stimulate your appetite—no wonder so many restaurant chains have red in their logo. The color is also known to raise blood pressure and cause irritability, so you may want to use a more subdued red in more relaxing places like the bedroom.  
  • Blue-Most people prefer the color blue; this is because most shades of blue are perceived to have a calming effect. Turquoise is known to stimulate creativity, which can be the idea shade for a home office.
  • Yellow- People use yellow to create a feeling of happiness and energy. However, yellow can also have a negative effect because it is the strongest color. Studies have shown that babies in yellow nurseries are more likely to cry than with any other color. Pale shades of yellow are better than bright shades. It works best in entries and hallways because of the minimal time that is spent in these areas.
  • Green-The color green reminds us of nature which has a calming effect and lowers stress levels. The different shades of green can create different feelings as well. Neutral greens represent tranquility while brighter shades can add some personality.
  • Purple-This color gives rooms a more feminine feel. It is also associated with creative thinking. Purple is one of the less common colors in a home so using it will show your imaginative side.
  • Orange-The color orange promotes warmth and energy and is often considered by most to be inviting and appetite inducing. It’s a great color for the dining room.
  • Brown-Brown is both safe and nurturing. Too much, however, and the room will feel overwhelming and dark. That’s why it is best to incorporate brighter accent colors in a brown room.  Colors that go well with brown are: blue, orange, yellow & pink.
  • Gray and White: Gray is very modern and elegant. You can use it in any room as it pairs well with bright and white accents. White, although considered basic, is anything but boring. It can give a room a clean look and makes rooms feel bigger. It can also be used to make accessories and furniture in a room really stand out.