Master Bedroom Inspiration

The master bedroom is an extremely important part of a custom home design. Think of your bedroom as your own personal oasis, a place that is far away from the flow of traffic. It is the home inside your home and the first and last thing you see throughout the day. How your master bedroom looks and feels plays a huge role in how you feel. The following are some trendy master bedroom inspirations that many homeowners are starting to incorporate into their building plans.

Personal Environment

A major concept sweeping master bedroom design is creating a space that couples can unwind in rather than just sleep. You will see many master bedrooms start to incorporate kitchenettes and mini bars directly into custom closets or sitting areas. Being able to relax and have everything in one area instead of wondering around the house is top on many homeowners’ lists.

Private Courtyard

Having a private courtyard and garden accessible from the master bedroom is a dream come true. It creates a place of quiet solace where you can unwind after a long day without having to walk far from your bedroom door.

Soothing Colors

In order to have a bedroom that is as serene as possible, colors must be soothing and well blended. Popular colors right now are creams, soft greens and light purples. Comfort and relaxation is the most important thing when designing your master bedroom.