Ceiling Accents to Make a Room Complete

Aside from the ceiling shape, a room isn’t fully complete without ceiling accents. As you envision your dream home, try to think about incorporating one of the following accents into the ceiling design.  

Trim and Moulding 

If you want to add a decorative, yet functional flair to your home then trim and moulding is what you need. Crown moulding is the most commonly used trim and is placed where the walls and ceiling meet. Regardless of your style, casual or formal, crown moulding will do the trick as it is available in numerous materials and finishes.


Skylights are the perfect additions to any home. They not only add natural light to the room, but they remain conveniently out of the way. Skylights are becoming a very popular addition for many homeowners and have come a long way aesthetically.


The popcorn-like texture you see in most houses is used frequently due to its affordability and ability to hide imperfections. As a new approach, try stucco. Stucco is also an inexpensive way to play up the ceiling and gives it a more luxurious feel than the popcorn texture.


You can add a fresh look to your ceiling by painting it a different color than the typical beige or white. If you are having a hard time choosing a color, look at the color wheel for inspiration. Avoid painting the same color as the walls as that tends to make the room look smaller.

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