Top 5 Must-Have Luxury Bathroom Items

The following are 5 luxury bathroom items that are flooding the luxury home market. These popular items include:
  1. Walk-in steam shower. Now you can get your shower and spa visit all in one! If you love spending a few minutes in the steam room, why not bring one to your home? Showers with a build-in steam device help maximize your relaxing shower experience. There are many different brands that make shows that include a number of showerheads, so couples can enjoy the features together.
  2. Electronics. Ever wanted to watch TV or listen to music while you’re getting ready, or relaxing in the tub? Well now you can. There are tons of affordable, waterproof IPod speakers and stereo systems you can set up on your bathroom counter. Also, grab a small television and mount it up in the middle of the wall or by the tub, so you can catch up on the news or watch your favorite show while you relax.
  3. Heated floors. The pleasure of a shower or bath is after interrupted as soon as you step out and onto the tile floor. But you can keep that feeling of warmth and comfort by installed heated floors in your bathroom.
  4. Jacuzzi-style bathtubs. Another way to bring that spa feel to your own home is by including a Jacuzzi style bathtub with built-in jets. With these very spacious tubs, you’ll enjoy a great massage, and feel as if you’re in a real Jacuzzi, without every having to leave the privacy of your own bathroom.
  5. Fully automated toilet. Many luxury toilets come with quite a few different functions, some you may not have ever thought of. They can wash, dry, and heat you, and some even play music for you, all in one! Some also come with a low-flush setting, which is easy on the economy and easy on your water bill.
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