Top Things To Do in Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville, GA is a thriving community nestled in the heart of North Georgia. From its picturesque outdoor spaces and vibrant arts scene to its charming downtown area with exciting events, the city has something for everyone. Discover the hidden treasures and top attractions of Gainesville, GA sure to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Experience Lake Lanier

lake lanier gainesville georgia

Lake Lanier is a massive manmade body of water, just minutes from downtown Gainesville. There are tons of opportunities to hike, camp, boat and fish along the lake. Visit one of the lakeside parks, hike some trails, or get out on the water!

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Hangout at the Gainesville Square

girl relaxing in a cafe

The Gainesville Square is a hub of activity. Enjoy shopping, dining, events, concerts, cafes and bars with friends and family!

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Go for a Hike

girl on hiking trail

There is plenty of natural beauty to be found in and around Gainesville. Hike in the Blue Ridge mountain trails, or take advantage of the scenic lake trails and parks.

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Dine at Local Restaurants

local restaurant dish

Gainesville is home to countless delicious local restaurants. There are plenty of eateries to explore.

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Grab a Drink

friends out drinking

You can find plenty of bars and growler shops that offer local brews and drinks from all over the world. Have a night out with friends!

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Get Out on the Water

child playing in lake

Enjoy some boating, swimming, fishing or other water sports at Lake Lanier. Gainesville is right on the lake!

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Spend a Night Under the Stars

camping by the lake

Camp with friends and family in the many sites around Lake Lanier, the North Georgia mountains, and surrounding parks! Sometimes you just need to disconnect for a night or two.

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Enjoy Family Parks

children playing in park

There are many family-friendly parks to enjoy in and around Gainesville. Find a playground, a trail or a nice spot for a picnic.

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Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden

pink plants

The Atlanta Botanical Garden has opened a second location in Gainesville! It is a spectacular place to view amazing plant life and enjoy various events and concerts.

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Build a Home in Gainesville

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