Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Home

Flooring is a key design element of any home and can really make a difference in the overall look and feel. For many homeowners, figuring out which floor is right for them requires a bit of thought. Choosing a floor that you will love to live with is not just a matter of looks. The flooring should suit your lifestyle. Before you choose a floor, it’s important to consider these factors:
  • Durability – How much wear and tear do you expect the floors will have to withstand?
  • Water Resistance – Will water be nearby and how much maintenance are you willing to do?
  • Appearance – What materials are most pleasing to you—Finish? Color? 
  • Texture – Do you have children or pets? Is slipping a big concern for your household?

Different Flooring for Different Rooms

Most houses on the market today have wood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic, or linoleum floors. But instead of just choosing one of these options, you should first consider what flooring works best in certain areas. 

For example, bathrooms must have floors that are able to withstand pooling water and fluctuations in humidity. Ceramic tile and vinyl are usually the best options for those types of environments since they are practically impervious to water. Laminate and linoleum are good options, but you will have to take special waterproofing measures around perimeters and seams. Wood flooring wouldn’t be a good option because it can buckle, gap, or warp when subjected to standing water or moisture. It’s important to take these same considerations when deciding which type of floors should go in the other rooms in your house as well to avoid any future complications. 

Flooring Cost

Once you have taken into consideration the design, location, and lifestyle, it’s time to decide which fits your budget. It’s important to analyze all of the options. Where one might be more expensive, it could last longer than the others making it cost less in the long run. Don’t forget the total installation cost and maintenance.

Expert Design With Whitmire Custom Homes

While it may seem daunting now, your home will be a completed masterpiece once it is all said and done. Need inspiration? Feel free to look at some of our previous projects or contact us to talk with one of our specialists.
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