Home Building Materials: How to Choose Materials for your Custom Home

Choosing building materials can be overwhelming when building a custom home. There is a lot to consider throughout the home building process, but if you are looking for some insight on what materials are available and what should be considered, check out this basic guide.
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5 Top Exterior Home Trends for 2022

Learn about the 5 top trends you will be seeing in 2022!
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The Complete Fall 2016 Home Preparation Checklist

As we transition into cooler months, there are a number of things you will want to do to prepare your home for Fall. This checklist is your comprehensive guide for Fall 2016!
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Top Things To Do in Gainesville, Georgia 2016

Gainesville, Georgia is a thriving community bustling with activity and opportunity. Get our inside scoop on some of the best ways to pass the time in Gainesville!
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Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen in 2016

Take your kitchen outside this summer! Get a setup as complete as any indoor kitchen.
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