Luxury in Your Own Backyard

Ask five of your friends to describe their ideal backyard and you will get five completely different responses. This is not only because of stylistic differences. The purpose of an outdoor space varies from one individual to the next.
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Design the Perfect Walkway to the Water

For a fabulous and functional addition, consider creating a pathway from your patio to the edge of the water. Following these tips and tricks will help you create a well-designed walkway.
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Benefits of Lakeside Living: Relaxation or Recreation We've Got It All!

Having the perfect backdrop for a family portrait is just one of the perks of living on the water. Lake homeowners are privy to amenities that extend far beyond the stunning scenery.
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Sealing Your Home: Five Tips to Help You Find Air Leaks

Have you noticed a sharp increase in your power bill recently, but your home still is not staying warm?
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Energy Efficiency and Your HVAC System

Throughout peak seasons of the year, high energy bills are top-of-mind for most homeowners. Although we need our HVAC systems to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, these systems can also cause energy bills to sky rocket if they are not operating efficiently.
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