The Complete Winter Home Preparation Checklist

winter home

Save energy and money. Stay safe and warm.

With work, school and the general chaos of our daily lives, it is pretty tough to keep in mind all of the seasonal chores and safeguards we need to take with our homes, especially in winter. Take advantage of this handy checklist to prepare your home for the colder months! Follow these tips to stay safe, warm and energy-efficient (and save money at the same time) this winter.

Indoor Winter Preparation Tips

Conduct an energy audit by a professional auditor
Check your heating system and clean or replace air filters
Caulk the siding of doors and windows and fill any gaps with expanding foam
Install energy efficient windows
 Open curtains to let in sunlight during the day, and cover windows at night to reduce draft
Close your fireplace dampers when not in use
 Get your chimneys swept and cleaned to prevent chimney fires
Turn your water heater temperature to a warm setting to lower energy costs
Keep the interior temperature above 55 degrees
 Open doors to allow temperature to evenly distribute across the house
Reverse your ceiling fans
Prevent icicles and ice dams with a home-energy audit and attic insulation
Stock up ahead of time on items and materials you may need during a winter storm
Ensure that smoke detectors and alarms are operating properly and have live batteries

Outdoor Winter Preparation Tips

 Inspect your roof and repair any missing shingles or roof damage
 Clear debris from roof and gutters
 Use extended downspouts to keep melting roof water from settling around your home's foundations
 Turn off and cover outside faucets
 Drain your lawn sprinkler system to avoid frozen pipes
 Rake and dispose of fallen leaves, or use your lawn mower to mulch leaves
 Empty remaining fuel in your lawn mower to avoid varnishing, or fill the mower with stabilized fuel
 Trim trees to remove dead branches

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