Luxury Landscaping

The summer is the perfect time to get your gardening and lawn care in perfect shape. With new lawn care trends emerging, it gives people the chance to dream up new big plans for their outdoor space. And fortunately, they are affordable and easy to do yourself if you don’t want to hire a landscaper. With these tips, you will be on your way to a luxury landscape in no time.

Less is More

Use your space wisely. Instead of filling it with bulky bushes and other greenery, gather up smaller plants that bring splashes of color to the space. Horticulturists have actually created dwarf versions of bigger, popular plants so that you can add your favorite plant to the flower bed without it overpowering the other plants.


In addition to colorful flowers, consider adding various green plants to your selection. Go a step further and choose various textures to make your garden stand out. It will not only create a visual display that is breathtaking, but textured plants are also more durable and will live longer than most other plants.

Grill and Garden

To liven up the outskirts of your patio, utilize raised garden beds, potted plants and bird feeders. Another big trend for 2012 is adding a fire pit to the center of your patio. It’s a simple way to add stunning appeal to your already beautiful landscaping.
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