How to Fix Squeaky Floors

Is it possible to get rid of or fix a squeaky floor? A squeaky floor can be quite the annoyance around the house, so you will happy to know that it is possible to fix a squeaky floor. Homes with a crawlspace or basement are easy to fix, but you can also do it with upstairs rooms, you’ll just be looking at major work to cover the places you’ve repaired. For those rooms you might be better off just leaving the squeaky floor alone.  

Anything above a basement or crawl area can be easily accessed, but fixing the issue is by no means easy—just easier than those without. Have someone walk on the floor above you so you can pinpoint where the squeak is coming from. You’ll want to use wood screws about an inch or an inch and a quarter to pull the hardwood floor down to the subfloor. There are also brackets that are specifically made to screw to the floor joist and the sub floor; in most cases, this will solve the problem.

If the squeak is under a carpeted surface, you’ll have to pull up the carpet and then locate the squeak. You will then add the screws from above to reattach the sub floor to the joists. This should fix the issue considering most squeaky floors are simply caused by the sub floor coming loose from the framing below!