How do I get started building a custom home?

They don't call it "the home of your dreams" for nothing. You want it to be perfect. You want it to be something you are proud of. You want it to be something that suits your lifestyle and is useful to your family.

When it comes time to build a home, many people scratch their head as they don't know where to start. It's much easier to go out and purchase a home on the open real estate market, but a custom designed home can be a much more involved undertaking. For more than 30 years, Whitmire Homes has been in the business of making dreams a reality by building custom home for families across Georgia.

Our main focus is walking with you throughout the process, an approach that helps us develop your thoughts and ideas into a functional home for your family. We have a passion for helping you with design, construction, technology and innovation. Our commitment to the home building process and to our clients is unrivaled in the industry. While other builders have vanished during these tough economic times, we have continued to thrive and remain true to our clients.

Our approach to custom home building is quite simple, as we outline the process into easy-to-follow steps:

The first step is an initial meeting to discuss your needs, your style, your budget, your lifestyle and the overall picture of your desired home.

The second step involves us reviewing design functions and floor plans. We want to go over every detail to ensure that what you envision is what we build.

From there, we'll work with our architects, our engineers and our designers to get started with initial design. Once construction starts, it's crucial that we are working from the "right" set of plans.

Finally, the process revolves around providing estimates and getting started with construction.

A simple, proven process that has made us a leading home builder in Georgia since the 1970's. Thousands of families have trusted our family to build their home, won't you?