Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

  1. Inspect your home's exterior for loose siding or trim, cracks, and crumbling mortar. These can  be caused by winter’s harsh weather. You should also examine your attic for any signs of leaks.
  2. If you have storm windows: Remove, clean, and store them. Then patch up all window screens.
  3. Wash and treat (or paint) wood decks to prevent cracking before the warmer season arrives.
  4. Replace your furnace filter and have a professional air conditioning contractor inspect your system. They should check the condensate hose to be sure it is not blocked with algae, clean the outside condensing unit screen of leaves and listen for unusual noises.
  5. Check for damage to your roof—signs include missing, curling or broken shingles; pooling of water on flat roofs that don’t drain properly. Fix immediately before water damage occurs.
  6. Check all the fascia and trim for deterioration—these areas can become weathered and may lead to potential water damage.
  7. Maintain your steps and handrails—Repair broken stairs and banisters to prevent falls and injury.