Home Design Tips for the Holidays

As a custom home builder, you’re privy to limitless design options. When it comes to the layout of your home’s interior, it’s crucial to keep your lifestyle in mind. Follow these design tips to optimize your custom home for holiday celebrations and frequent house guests.  
Sweeten Up the Guest Suite
Enhancing guest accommodations in your custom home can improve the quality of stay and provide some much needed privacy for both you and your guests. If you anticipate extended family visits, ensure your guest suite is large enough for both your relatives and their 10 suitcases. Consider including a full bath for added convenience and a walk-in closet for storing laundry and luggage.
Expand the Living Area
Open floor plans are best suited for large gatherings and special occasions. Rather than separating the kitchen and living room, knock down the divider. Kitchens that flow seamlessly into living rooms are ideal for entertaining.  Opening up the living area will give your guests ample space to interact during a get-together.  Guests can huddle around the dessert table or watch football on the couch while still feeling like everyone is together.
Open Up the Kitchen
Much like your living area, open floor plans are ideal for high-traffic eating areas. Whether your party is centered on a birthday cake or holiday ham, your kitchen is bound to be an epicenter of activity.  Designing a kitchen with sufficient space can prevent the unwanted headache of squeezing in extra chairs at the last minute.  Breakfast bars are a great way to provide additional seating, without taking up too much space.
Bring the Inside, Out!
Think of your outdoor area as an extension of your interior design.  If the primary role of your backyard is entertainment, there are several key factors you need to consider.  Perhaps you want a swing set on one side of the yard, a fire pit on the other and an outdoor kitchen somewhere in between. Creating these separate spaces not only increases the functionality of your backyard, but adds versatility to accommodate the needs of your guests.
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