Custom Luxury Home Design Trends

Creating a unique living experience has been the growing focus of most homeowners. People are putting more efforts into luxury add-ons in order to add comfort to the home as well as to increase the value of the home. Here is a list of five of the most popular luxury trends in the custom home design industry:

  • Outdoor living area: An outdoor living area can serve as a wonderful extension of your living/and or dining room. By using expansive glass door openings you can connect the inside with the outside creating a nice, intimate area for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Home automation: Install a computer and program it to take care of everyday tasks; you'll never have to get out of bed to make sure the doors are locked, or worry that the house looks empty when you're away.
  • Authenticity: Natural materials have become the new fashion trend, from real stone to real wood. Homeowners want to improve the value of their home by using more high quality materials. Things such as elaborate wood moldings, decorative plasterwork and other hand-crafted details all enhance the natural beauty of the home.
  • His-and-her spaces: The term “his and hers” is no longer limited to the side by side vanities in the bathroom. Now, today's couples want more individual space with dual offices, separate bathrooms, individual walk-in closets and two hobby rooms.  
  • Day lighting: Homeowners are tired of heavy yellow lighting and prefer to illuminate their home with natural light. Not only is it less expensive to use natural lighting, but it also has proven benefits to mental health.

One of the best things about building a home is creating a space with the fashion, features and living style you enjoy. Luxury features can provide your home with the necessary flair to fit your individual taste, and leave you satisfied.