Top 8 Reasons to Move to Georgia

Why Live in the Peach State?

Georgia’s gorgeous landscapes, metropolitan areas, affordable living and variety of attractions make it a hugely popular place for families and individuals to settle down. Discover why people love living in Georgia, and whether or not it’s the right place for you! Here are the top 8 reasons to move to Georgia:


1. Atlanta

Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is a bustling hub of culture and activity. Packed with fun things to do, world-class restaurants and job opportunities, Atlanta and the surrounding area is the perfect place to settle down.


2. Affordable Housing

Housing and general cost of living in Georgia is cheaper than the US average. You can get much more house for your buck in Georgia compared to other states. Those cost savings are a great plus for anyone buying or building a home!


3. Things to Do

Atlanta Aquarium

Whether you live near Atlanta, Savannah or somewhere in between, there is always something to do. Festivals, restaurants, hiking, lakes and city life keep Georgians entertained year-round. A convenient mixture of city amenities and country living make Georgia a fun place for any lifestyle.


4. Sports

Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Georgia is all about sports. Home to the Falcons, UGA, GA Tech, Braves, Hawks and the country’s largest state sports museum, fans can get their fill of stadium sports here in Georgia.


5. Farmers’ Markets

Georgia Farmers Market               

Fresh produce and meats are affordable and easy to find in farmers’ markets all across the state. Shoppers looking for locally grown, delicious food are happy to visit the markets in Georgia.


6. Education


Families looking for a wonderful education system appreciate Georgia’s high performing high schools and colleges. Some of the best high schools in the country can be found in Gwinnett, Alpharetta and Forsyth County. With Georgia’s HOPE scholarship, students can get free or discounted tuition at universities across the state, including UGA, Georgia Tech and UNG.


7. Natural beauty


Hikers, campers and explorers find plenty to love about Georgia’s lakes and mountains. Even those that are less adventurous can enjoy Georgia’s natural countryside beauty on a day-to-day basis.


8. The People


Georgia is a culture of hospitality and friendliness! Wherever you go, Georgians are happy to give you a friendly wave or offer a helping hand.


Living in Georgia

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