Popular Window Designs

Windows are an important feature of any house. Not just for appeal, but for functionality as well. In order to create the perfect custom home, you must consider what window designs you want to incorporate. The following are some popular window designs that are used in many homes today.

  • Sing Sash Window: Consists of two panels arranged vertically. The top stays fixed and the bottom moves up to allow airflow.
  • Double Hung Window: Probably the most widely used today, this design consists of two vertically arranged panels—both of which can be moved all the way up and down.
  • Casement Window: In this design, the operable panel (installed singly or in pairs) hangs on a hinge that enables the window to be opened like a door.
  • Awning Window: A casement that's mounted vertically, with the hinge at the top so the window pushes out. Let’s airflow in while simultaneously blocking debris.
  • Jalousie Window: This style consists of thin, staggered strips of glass that open and close together like a Venetian blind.
  • Fixed Window: These windows do not open. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (can be customized) and can be located on exterior or interior walls.

With so many design options out there, you will be able to create a custom home that meets your exact needs and unique style. Contact us and we can help get you started on your custom design.