Luxury Custom Homes

The team at Whitmire Homes has been designing and building beautiful luxury homes for clients in Atlanta and the North Georgia area for decades. We understand that building a home is a huge investment, so our builders and architects ensure that every detail of your new home is built to your specifications. Why settle for a pre-built house, when you can custom build your own dream home from scratch? You dream it and we’ll make it a reality.

How to Start Building Your Luxury Home

We will be glad to meet with you to help you get started regardless of where you are in the preparation process. Whether you already have some land and a floor plan in hand, or you are still searching for the perfect lot, contact us today to get a head start on your new luxury home.

While we do have a wide selection of luxury floor plans for you to start with, we don’t strictly adhere to any of them. Floor plans simply provide inspiration or a good starting point if you don’t already have a plan in mind. If you choose one of our custom home plans, or even if you bring in your own, we will schedule a consultation to go through the details of the home plan and make changes that you request. We can add, remove or modify any part of any home design. While other builders provide a more strict set of plans with fewer customization options, Whitmire is proud to be a truly a custom builder.

Once we agree upon a design plan for your luxury home, we will set an agreed upon fixed price outlined in a contract. The fixed price guarantees that there will be no surprise costs later on in the process. We like to be as transparent as possible so that clients feel safe entrusting us with building their new home. 

Why Choose Whitmire Homes?

Whitmire is a family-owned company that has served clients in the North Georgia area for years. Despite our local focus, we have the equipment, skills and flexibility to build a huge range of custom luxury homes. Our proficiency in building beautifully elegant homes is only part of what sets Whitmire apart. We have earned our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and friendly builder that always puts the client first. Our builders and staff will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with your new home. Check out some of our client testimonials to get a better idea of what type of work we do.

Learn More or Get Started Today

If you aren't sure where to start, feel free to contact us. If you're ready to talk about possibilities of your dream home or take a look at some luxury floor plans, schedule a consultation to get started.