3 Kitchen Layouts You Are Sure to Love

When building a custom home or remodeling your current home, it is important to design a kitchen that will meet your needs for everyday use and for special times of the year such as holidays. There are endless ways that you can configure your kitchen; however, there are about 20 different layouts that are commonly used industry wide. The following layouts are most commonly chosen by our clients: triangle, zone and u-shape.


Triangle Kitchen LayoutThe triangle kitchen layout is referred to as the “work” kitchen. The triangle points are made up of main areas of the room essential for cooking: food storage areas, cooking area and the clean-up area. A triangle layout is especially designed with one cook in mind as it is easy to access each stage of cooking from the middle of the space.


Zone Kitchen LayoutA kitchen designed with a zone layout has areas of the kitchen designed to accommodate specific tasks such as prepping, cooking and washing. The zone layout can easily accommodate multiple cooks at one time making it a great option for family gatherings where you may have lots of help in the kitchen. Often, the cabinetry is grouped in smaller sections and separated throughout the kitchen to allow for extra space with each zone area.


U-Shape Kitchen LayoutThe u-shape kitchen is a versatile design that provides lots of storage and counter space. This kitchen layout can be designed in a way that is similar to a triangle layout, but can also offer the work station capability of zone layout. Typically, this layout is seen in a larger kitchen, but it can be accomplished in a smaller space with careful planning.

These three layouts are most commonly used by our clients. However, the best part of designing your kitchen is the ability to create a space that works for your family. So you have the ability to take these layouts and add more cabinets or change the shape of the layouts to work the best for your home.

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