Custom Built Homes- Dispelling the Myths

Myth #1: It’s too expensive

Because of their newer features and design options, new homes have traditionally cost more than resale homes. Nowadays, however, the housing market has shifted and unique factors are making custom built homes competitively priced compared to resale homes.  You will be surprised at how affordable a new custom home can be—you can build for about the same price as you can buy used.  

Myth #2: It takes too much time

Thanks to modern building technology, it doesn’t have to take much time at all to get your custom house built and ready for living. Even if you were to purchase a new home, you would still have to spend time searching for the perfect place, whereas, we can build you the perfect place without you spending time and energy looking for something that you will end up having to remodel to meet your needs. Check out our custom home bidding and building process to learn more.

Myth #3: There are several hidden costs

Unfortunately, some builders do try to sneak in hidden costs, which is why so many homeowners are weary of these types of behavior. It usually occurs during projects surrounding excavation for the foundation, septic design and well drilling. At Whitmire Custom Homes, our policy disallows this sort of unscrupulous behavior.

We communicate well with our clients and our professional staff will keep you informed throughout the entire building process. After meeting with you, we will put together a fixed-price bid that reflects detailed specifications of the home. This itemized list of details ensures that there are no surprises during the building process.

Myth #4: It's a hassle and too much work

Building a new home is a once in a lifetime opportunity and quite an exciting adventure. With Whitmire Homes, you decide how much involvement you want. It is our job to take the hassle out of   the building process and create a stress free environment.

Don’t let the common misconceptions keep you from enjoying your very own custom home. Contact us today and we will help make your dream home happen.